Argo Limpat Kis Saputro

Student of Harapan Bangsa Foreign Language Academy


I have been choosing concentration on hotel since I was in vocational high school five years ago. Why must it be hotel? Because I have a dream to see the world through hospitality perspective. That is by working in European cruises.

How to work in cruise? It can be reached by working in hotel firstly for a year. It is also possible to get it through agency.

I am attracted to work in Food and Beverage (FB) service because I have hobby. It is about culinary. I am inspired to know various menus served by hotels in the world such as continental, oriental, eastern, chinese, japanese, and many more! That is why, I have chosen in depth for FB. Besides learning about those menus, FB also teach about how to have good attitude and manner to customers politely. Those issues are essential in hotel, especially FB department.

What makes FB important for hotel?

FB department is a division which is fundamental in hotel industry. It happens because hotels, whether they have star-accredited or not, have potential income which may be more than their rooms. The income can be from foods, beverages, and meeting rooms. FB is a department which has responsibility handling service of foods and beverages for the guests spending in the hotels. If tastes of foods and beverages along with services are impressive, guests will label the hotel by good impression during their stays. It will attact them to come to the hotel again.

English for Hotel

English in hotel industry is principal for those who work in because this working place offers inns, events, and facilities. Every single thing in hotel uses English such as documents and terms in each department. English is also for handling foreigners. Even, other foreign languages are important. So we need to learn various languages.

The language role in FB is a must. FB staffs need to memorize all kinds of thing like tools, utensils documents, and menus.

The strength of hotel nowadays is so many! There are many positions which can be optimized. Tourism is a big industry in the world. If affects on the availability of tourists, rooms, and FB as well. After tourists spend their time in hotel, they will get free breakfast. So, the menus should be optimal. Tourists or guests want to have special foods from the place they have been in.

Hotel is the place which is beneficial for people who are working in. We will have many experiences by meeting various characters of guests and, of course, learn something new every day. Then, we have the power of satisfaction from taking care of people.