Tourists are required to improve foreign language competence. This effort was made to improve the quality of human resources that are considered to increase the attractiveness of Central Java for foreign tourists. Because the quality of human resources plays an important role in efforts to develop the tourism sector.

Local tourism actors must be prepared with various demands in order to provide excellent service. One of them is to improve foreign language skills, at least English. Therefore the Department of Education and Culture (PDK) of Central Java Province is collaborating with the Harapan Bangsa Foreign Language Academy Surakarta (ABA) to hold English language training and excellent services intended for Central Java tourism businesses carried out in the Hope Foreign Language Academy campus building Nation of Surakarta (ABA).

This training is held on a scheduled basis for approximately 1 month, from February to March 2020.

On the first day the training was conducted in the Hall and continued to the ABA Harapan Bangsa Computer Lab to learn how to optimize speaking skills.




The resource persons presented were Sri Wahyuni ​​Samaratul Zanah, S. Hum., M. Hum, Vilya Lakstian Catra Mulia, S. Hum., M. Hum, Cucut Annaningtyas, S.S., M.A and Qudwatu Nabila Rodhiya, S.S. who is a Lecturer at the Surakarta Harapan Bangsa Foreign Language Academy (ABA).


Excellent Service

The ability to speak a foreign language for tourism actors is one important element that must be possessed, because service to tourists can be done to the maximum if communication is established properly. Besides that, the improvement in the quality and capacity of tourism businesses will go hand in hand with the efforts to promote tourism aggressively.

The hope is that when the promotion of tourism produces results with the number of tourists who come then they will get excellent service. And with foreign language skills anyone will have twice the opportunity to earn income and build networks, especially for tour guides and homestay managers.

In addition to attending this training the participants can improve their ability to communicate in English, other hopes hopefully will have an impact on improving the competitiveness of Tourism Human Resources in general.

(Relysta Ardian Putri Utami)