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Student of Harapan Bangsa Foreign Language Academy


Language is interesting. We live in Indonesia having many languages such as Bahasa Indonesia (lingua franca in this country), Javanese (local language I am living in), and English (foreign language). They have their own uniques things. If we have recognized them well, when we want to go everywhere, we have no difficulty—or minimize misunderstanding in communication.

This makes me interested to involve in language teaching because language is a medium for communication which is used by everyone. Language is important in daily life. If we have less knowledge in language, then people we are invited to talk cannot reach our intentions.

Related to  the concentrations in campus, I am attracted to tourism. We know that Indonesia has many tourist destinations, especially in my hometown—Solo. We can go there for refreshing from our routines. Those places have histories and beautiful views.

This background affects me doing research by integrating tourism and language issues. I believe that this way provides purposes in society. It is more interesting while relating to using foreign language, English. It impacts on our resources to not only promote tourism to local but also people in larger scope—foreigners.

As a teacher, I have a view to attract my students for having glance of communication tips, especially on their abilities to communicate tourism issues. There are two aims for them: experience and references for recreation.

There is potential thing from applying this way. We can arouse their attention that there is an occupation in society which is really awesome! Yes, that is tourist guide. 

Related to today’s trends, people should use language well so that it can be comprehended by listeners. It is also crucial for considering intonation, expressing by appropriate tones while speaking, and comprehending situation and condition; because today we need better language attitude.


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