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The AMIK / ABA Harapan Harapan Campus in Surakarta tightened the health protocol in welcoming the school year 2020/2021 in this new normal era. The task of the Covid-19 campus (task force) was to discuss how to change protocols. This is done in anticipation of the distribution of  Covid-19 on campus when the new normal order is implemented.

"This task force consists of campus leaders, lecturers and staff to prepare for the preparation in the new normal era. For example, with the provisions of the obligation for everyone who is active on campus to wear a mask, avoid crowds, wash hands, and arrange lecture procedures for students " said Eka Budi Santosa as Director of AMIK Harapan Bangsa Surakarta, Thursday (7/10/2020).

The learning activities will apply concepts that integrate conventional learning (face to face) with online learning. Courses that can be done remotely such as theoretical discussions are still ongoing online.

All health protocols, Eka continued, were prepared even a few weeks before the transition phase. 

"We always follow the latest developments on the corona pandemic and monitor government policies both at national and regional levels," he concluded. 

Corona Protocol in the Education Environment

On the same occasion the Government through the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Presidency, Moeldoko, delivered 5 protocols related to prevention and control of Covid-19, including for education.

This protocol refers to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkum HAM).

Here are some points of Covid-19 protocol handling in the world of education and which have been implemented by the AMIK / ABA campus:

1. Provide facilities for washing hands with water and soap or alcohol-based hand washing in various strategic locations in the school according to the amount needed. 

2. Instruct campus residents to wash their hands using water and soap or alcohol-based hand washing, and other healthy clean living behaviors such as: eating healthy snacks, using clean and healthy latrines, regular exercise, not smoking, throwing trash in its place. 

3. Clean the room and campus environment routinely (at least once a day) with disinfectants, especially door handles, light switches, computers, desks, keyboards and other facilities that are often held by the hands. 

4. Give an appeal to citizens campus sick with symptoms of cough fever / runny nose sore / shortness of breath to isolate themselves at home with not much contact with others. 

5. Instruct campus residents to avoid direct physical contact (shaking hands, kissing hands, hugging, etc.). 

6. Avoid the implementation of activities participatied by many participants by diverting activities online or delaying the implementation of activities that gather a lot of people or activities in an off-campus environment (camping, study tours). 

7. Perform initial screening in the form of body temperature measurements for all guests who come to educational institutions.

8. Clean work equipment, lecture equipment, classrooms, work spaces, waiting places, administrative services and yard every day.

With the direction of new life adaptation, all campus residents and the general public can adjust to changing life habits by completing health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19.



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