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Language. Its uses work in people’s daily life. Mostly, people describe it as the way for transforming knowledge and idea. That is good. However, in fact, language performs its function broadly than mostly have thought before. Even, when someone talks himself quietly…silently..in his heart… language remains performing its function.

The real life shows that we are clearly living in social space. Many people are around us. Language makes this environment peace. It should be, because language is the perfect way to make cooperation. It is such a nature of language.

As we have entered in social space, we take our position among others. Several domains -- like hotel, tourism, and office, require good competences in using language.

Harapan Bangsa Foreign Language Academy knows this language issue exists in society. Those domains are consistently applied in our educational environment. Hotel, tourism, and office need high quality of language skills. This is how we encourage students to be confident not just expressing English, but also communication. We live together with society. Our existences in living, working, and having friendship are natural. By applying language well, we will be respected. In working, we will be proudly promoted to get higher rank. And of course, friendship creates channels which must be used for presenting peaceful in taking stance in society. Along with our fabulous competences in language, it affects our positions among society.    


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