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Nowadays, the world attracts us to have better quality, especially in the case of communication. There are many kinds of cooperation happening culturally, interpersonally, and internationally. This happening gives us more challenges to participate actively as a world-citizen.

The important to face this challenge is by mastering communicative skill. It relates to the way we communicate to person or people. In the context of world, learning foreign language is important. It mediates us being part of global citizenship. Mostly, it is English which remains as the language unifying world or called lingua franca.

To develop your insight, did you know that learning foreign language gives you more impacts? The ability of expressing your language cannot be separated from your brain. There are two areas of facilitating your language. They are Broca and Wernicke. The area of Broca refers to facilitate producing articulation and speech, while Wernicle sharpens your comprehension.

Vince (as written in CNN.com) says that Neurologists believe language is not just limited to those areas. Your brain can grow when you learning new language(s).

People who are able to use multiple languages are called Bilingual. Cited from the same source, a research conducted in 1999 involved bilinguals. The persons can relate similar words in different languages. For instance, the word “marka” (Russian) with the word “marker” (English) to refer the same thing. There is brain activity to do it. More language you learn, your brain accesses more creative. That is why the common says bilinguals or people  learning new languages are smarter.

For your capacity as student, it is also important to do repetition of what you learn. Imagine like you are interested in playing musical instrument. You need repetition through practices. Repetition contributes in developing skills, including language. Listening and speaking are a set of skills. Be mastered! You will firstly use them for having interview on job or checking your communicative skill on hospitality industries such as hotel and tourism.

So, be brave and confident learning foreign language. There are many benefits relating to both personal and relationship qualities.


Vilya Lakstian Catra Mulia, S.Hum., M.Hum



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