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At the present the world is being shaken by the Covid-19 case since late last year. An infectious virus from Wuhan, China has spread widely to 176 countries. In Indonesia itself there was a big surge in the case of Covis-19. Certainly a concern because this case will continue to widen the risks and threaten many sectors, including the world of education. The existance of this virus outbreaks hinder teaching and learning activities that usually take place face to face. The number of initiatives undertaken to stay in touch. One of things that universities can do is to “ lockdown” lecturers physically and maximize lecturers by utilizing virtual and digital technology.

The government through the ministry of Education and Culture letter Number 3 of 2020 concerning prevention of Covid-19 in education units as an anticipation of the spread of the corona virus in various schools and universities, and also observes the circular of the Secretary General of The Minister of Education and Culture Number 35492/A.A5/HK/2020 dated March 12, 2020, following up on the gonverments’s recommendations and reffering to the director circular Number 033/D/HB/III/2020. Then AMIK-ABA Harapan Bangsa campus also eliminates face-to-face teaching and learning activities and replace it with online based learning.

Online learning is carried out for almost 4 months. Online learning is a new thing, both for AMIK-ABA Harapan Bangsa students and their lecturers so that it takes time to adapt. AMIK-ABA Harapan Bangsa students must understand every menu display contained in hte online application in order to use it. They can conduct discussions without any time limit as long as they are still in the topic of discussion. They can also do the assignmet and upload tasks that are instructed by online lecturers. Online learning will run well if internet acces can reach all regions, so online educationcan really be enjoyed by various levels of society. 

Currently AMIK-ABA Harapan Bangsa has conducted online learning for the last three months during the emergency Covid-19 crisis. Online lecture activities can be carried out through various learning applications such as WA groups, Google Classroom, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Online media are considered very effective as a solutive step to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the educational environment. The lecturer gives questions that will later be sent via phone or laptop of students or parents. Then students do the work of the teacher/lecturer. The results of the work or assignment are sent back to the lecturer via WA or application.

Online lectures are a solution to continue to carry out teaching and learning activities in the midst of the increasingly widespread corona virus. In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, which is predicted to peak in Indonesia in the middle of April, AMIK-ABA Harapan Bangsa enacts an extansion of the online learning period to an undertermined deadline, so that internship activities and seminars continue to be conducted online, but there are also those who implement them face to face.

Before the implementation of online learning, the lecturer will notify the learning that will be through group whatsapp, it aims to remaind and confirm students about their college schedule so they can prepare everything, then the lecturer will deliver material about the learning that is carried out. Submission of material that lecturers do varies, depending on the learning obejctive. And this is done through applications. AMIK-ABA Harapan Bangsa conducted a final assignment seminar for final semester students online, this seminar used the Google Meet application and was directly together with the lecturer. Not only online, there are also thosewho hold a final assignment seminar face to face on campus, but they still have to follow the health protocol established by the campus.





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